– 20 January 1879: The arrival of the White Missionaries at Ujiji, on the Lakeshore of Tanganyika.

– 23 July 1879: The Missionaries left Ujiji to Rumonge, Burundi.

– 4 September: The Missionaries came back to Ujiji and tried to establish a mission and catechetical school.

– May 1884: The Missionaries left Ujiji once again for Karema.

– February 1914: The Central Railway Line reached Kigoma.

– 1914-1917: The establishment of the Mission cum procura at Kigoma to serve the dioceses around Lake Tanganyika.

– 13 August 1929: Bishop Joseph BIRRAUX officially shifted his headquaters from Karema to Ujiji.

– 22 October 1930: Opening of Ujiji Seminary and arrival of Seminarians from Karema.

– July 1932: The whole of Buha was embodied to the Vicariate of Tanganyika under Mgr. Joseph BIRRAUX.

– 7 March 1937: Consecration of Mgr. Jan Van SAMBEEK at Ujiji.

– 10 May 1946: Erection of the Vicariate of Kigoma under Mgr. Jan Van SAMBEEK.

– 1 January 1948: Mgr. Jan Van SAMBEEK shifted the Headquaters of the Vicariate of Kigoma from Ujiji to Kabanga.

– 10 May 1950: Dedication of Our Lady of Victories Cathedral, Kigoma by Mgr. David Mathew, Apostolic Delegate.

– 10 May 1953: Erection of Kigoma Diocese.

The Church of Kigoma Catholic Diocese.

– 1957: Consecration of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Kakonko Church.

– August 1958: Appointment of Mgr. James Holmes SIEDLE to Kigoma.

– 6 August 1967: The Ordination of Fr. Alex SUNZU, the first African Priest from Kigoma.

– 22 February 1970: The consecration and installation of the first African Bishop Alphonce D. Nsabi.

– 10 November 1989: The appointment of Bishop Paul RUZOKA as the Bishop of Kigoma.

– 23 July 2000: Consecration of Katubuka Parish.

– 28 January 2007: Installation of ArchBishop Paul RUZOKA as the ArchBishop of Tabora.

– 6 May 2007: Consecration of St. John’s Church, Mabamba.

– 18 January 2008: Appointment of Bishop-Elect Protase RUGAMBWA.

– 13 April 2008: Consecration and installation of Bishop Protase RUGAMBWA.

– 10 July 2014: Appointment of Bishop-Elect Joseph MLOLA, ALCP/OSS.

26 October 2014: Consecration and installation of Bishop Joseph Roman MLOLA, ALCP/OSS

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