Nzimano was built in 2000 and is situated only 500m from the railway station of Kigoma as well as the daladala (minibus) and taxi terminal. The market is situated about 100m from the railway station, and therefore is very close to Nzimano. The Cathedral of Catholic Church is very close to Nzimano at about 300m down the road and a mosque is situated about 100m past the Cathedral.

The Hostel has a very spacious set up with lots of trees and plants around the buildings, making your stay at Nzimano pleasant and tranquil. The atmosphere is peaceful, quiet and serene, and a stay at Nzimano feels like an oasis of rejuvination.

The 12 employees of Nzimano Hostel are all very friendly, warm and welcoming, and will do everything to make your stay a satisfying one. The hostel has a good team of cooks who prepare a wide variety of traditional Tanzanian meals upon request for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the hostel receiption sells cool drinks. As well, there is 24 hours per day security at the hotel.

Nzimano Hostel consists of 14 rooms, of which 11 are single and 3 are double. Most of the rooms are self contained. All rooms include a large sized comfortable bed, a mosquito net, a fanm electricity outlets, a television and a closet. The self contained rooms include also a toilet, wash basin and shower. For the rooms that are not self-contained, toilets and showers are in the adjacent hallway. The rooms are clean, simple and spacious.

For more information please contact Nzimano Hostel Management.


Nzimano has two big meeting halls which can be used for several purposes. There are many seminars held at Nzimano and now and then parties, weddings, and other ceremonies take place in the halls as well. In theatre setting, the rooms can each contain up to 100 people. Own laptops and beamers need to be used when required, though a copy machine and computer are available.