On 7th December 2023, the diocese of Kigoma held an event known as “BAHASHA YA JIMBO”. The event took place at St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe Parish Mwilanvya. The function began with the Holy Sacrifice of Mass led by Very Rev. Fr. Evarist A. Guzuye, the Vicar General of Kigoma Diocese. The Liturgical Celebration was animated by Kibondo Parish. His Lordship Joseph R. Miola, ALCP/OSS could not grace the occasion due to unavoidable cirmustances.

BAHASHA YA JIMBO is a custom of Kigoma Diocese in which all the Parishes and Lay Movements pool together resources for the development of the diocese.  The leading parishes on the amount contributed according to their respective groups and their minimal amount assigned and expected were: Our lady of Victory Kigoma parish ,  a parish of St. Peter the Apostle-Murubona, St. Clare Parish-Kidahwe, and St Mathias Mulumba-Janda

The Parishes which got the first position received gifts as well as a certificate of victory. also, those which contributed more than the amount assigned to them received too a certificate of recognition.

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