Pastoral and social refugee services program (itinerant people)

Refugees in Nyarugusu Camp-Kasulu District.

The main function of this programme is to offer pastoral care and social services to the refugees and itinerants. In fulfilling these functions the programme undertakes the following functions such as catechetical instructions, administration of sacraments, pastoral counselling, peace and reconciliation, rehabilitation, social services


This is an integral diocesan arm instituted to complement evangelisation programme. The office is charged with the role of studying socio economic realities and development challenges facing the communities in view of improving their welfare. The diocese runs several socio economic interventions under the following departments and commissions.

2.1 Kigoma Diocesan Development Office (KIDDEVO)

The development office has been established in the Diocese of Kigoma. KIDDEVO is intended to coordinate and monitor all development oriented department and programmes in Kigoma diocese. KIDDEVO is meant to coordinate, supervise and support all socio economic endeavours from their initial stage to fruition. The office is charged with the duty of assisting other diocesan department institutions in planning and reviewing project proposals. The development director who recommends all project proposal to the Bishop, is meant to represents the development oriented department in the pastoral council. By development oriented here we mean Administration & Finance department, Caritas Department, Education Department, Health Department and Justice & Peace Commission

2.2 Administration and Finance Department

This department provides economic services. The finance department is a custodian of all the finances and assets of the diocese. The office ensures accountability and transparency in the utilization of resources available in the diocese. Finance department through financial committee is charged with the duty to see to it that financial and material resources necessary for evangelization are at the diocese’s disposal. It is from this juncture the department runs some income generating projects which are service oriented. These include Nzimano Hostel, community centre, Amani Beach, Peace and reconciliation centre, Nzimano soap factory etc. under this department one finds too some centres which offer services to the religious and society. These include Kigoma Catholic Training Centre(KCTC), Spiritual and Pastoral Centre (SPC), Caritas Building Unit (CBU) and Kasulu Technical School (KTS) General activities of the Finance department

  1. Preparation of management information system for management meeting purposes in financial matters.
  2. Responsible for the implementation of all financial related policies as directed by the Diocese.
  3. Overall responsibility of all the funds of the Diocese in accordance with the plans of the finance and planning committee.
  4. Responsible for the administration of the ecclesiastical goods of the Diocese.
  5. Responsible for implementation of some personnel related policies especially on salaries, wages and contracts as directed by the Diocese of Kigoma.

Specific activities

  1. The Diocesan financial administrator, is the spokesman for Kigoma diocese in financial matters.
  2. To present to the Diocesan financial and planning committee, an account of the annual income and expenditure for the whole diocese.
  3. To control the Diocesan financial administration including licenses and insurance and administration of various claims in the Diocese.
  4. Preparation of administration and financial management related information in response to Bishop’s requests.